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Continuing Schemes

The following schemes are of repeating nature as the works involved therein are coming up every year regularly. Hence these schemes are continuing schemes.

Sr.No. Name of Scheme Remark / Benefit
01. Normal Development Works and Release of Service Connection. The objective of this scheme is to arrange electric service connection to various category of prospective consumers coming up in the UT due to growth of new house holds consumers complexes and industrial establishments etc. during the year. Connections in this category are released on ensuring 15% Revenue Recovery. The 11 KV, LT and service lines including transformer centers etc. are erected to meet the future load growth of the UT.
02. Providing & Strengthening of Power Supply Network & Communication, MRT facilities & Special Tools and Plants / Workshop. The objective of this scheme is to ensure up-gradation and strengthening of lines, transformer centers, sub stations equipments and other related networks of power system to maintain the voltage regulation of the system and ensure stable and uninterrupted power supply to the consumers of UT. The works envisaged are to provide and strengthen 11 KV & LT feeders from sub stations; Augmentation of Distribution and power transformers; providing 66 KV, 11 KV, Panels, Spares, Relays, VHF communication etc. to 66/11 KV sub stations and replacement of conductors.
03. Providing U/G cable power distribution system in Daman & Diu ( ie.SD-I, SD-II, SD-III & SD-IV) The main objective of this scheme is to convert 11 KV & LT O/H lines in to U/G cable system on account of conjested roads and crowded houses in the Daman & Diu City and urban areas and also to avoid power failure due to snapping of O/H lines during rainy season and cyclonic weather. This also increase reliability index and ensure better look to the area.
04. Renovation of existing old power distribution and providing improved metering system.& Providing SCADA System to all S/S in Daman & Diu. The objective of this scheme is to provide electronic meters in place of Electromechanical meters; to provide Remote Meter reading software and modems to various consumers; to provide SCADA system and Energy Management System in all the 66 KV sub stations and to provide capacitor banks in sub station and capacitor to DTs.
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