Official website of the Daman and Diu Electricity Department, U.T. Administration of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu, Government of India

Present Power Position as April 2013

01. Power Requirement 255 M.W. (Restricted) 280 M.W. (Un-restricted)

02. Power allocation (firm and Unallocated) 199 M.W.

03. Average Daily Power Schedule 170 to 240 M.W.

04. Average Daily Power Over Drawl 40 to 50 M.W.

05. Average Monthly Over Drawl 40 to 50 M.W. The UT of Daman & Diu does not have its own power generation. Electricity Department of Daman & Diu is mainly engaged in the procurement, transmission and distribution of electricity to the various categories of consumers. The bulk power supply is drawn from the Central Sector Power Stations in Western Region . At present, the UT of Daman & Diu gets power from 400/ 220KV Vapi(PGCIL)-Magarwada & 400/220Kv Magarwda(PGCIL)-Magarwda Central Sector line, And Diu gets power from 66KV Una Substation through 66KV double circuit line emanating from 220 /66 KV. Kansari S/S of GETCO. The present power allocation of Daman & Diu is 270-(off peak hrs ) MWs. Against this allocation, the U.T is getting only an average of 170 to ­ 240 MW as a daily power schedule. The actual demand of the UT’s is about 255 MW (restricted) and 280 MW (Un-restricted).

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