Publicity / awareness on energy efficiency in the states

Energy conservation van

Geographical Satellite image of Auditorium Internal Road

The primary purpose of this activity is to create awareness amongst the people in DD about the importance of energy conservation and carrying out energy efficiency drive effectively.

For carrying out the awareness SDA has sent a proposal to the Gujarat Electricity Department Agency for allocating an energy conservation van. The outcome of such a program will be an education for the people about the importance of energy conservation and getting their support in implementing any future DSM programs. The GEDA is yet to respond to the request and thus the program is in its planning stages.

News clips and posters

The SDA has taken efforts to put advertisements related to the energy conservation and efficiency related matters out in public through posters or news clippings. The objective of such an activity is to reach out to masses and encourage participation.

The amount of fund utilized for such programs is 0.59 lakhs out of 18 lacs.