About Our Department.

Electricity Department, Daman & Diu (hereinafter called “EDDD”) is a Deemed Licensee under section 14 of the Electricity Act 2003 and is carrying on the business of Transmission and SLDC in Daman & Diu. It is responsible for ensuring quality and continuous power supply to every resident of Daman and Diu.

The key duties discharged by Electricity Department, Daman & Diu are

- Operation and Maintenance of 220/66 KV and 66/11 KV Sub-station and associated Transmission lines

- Operation and Maintenance of grid-connected ground-mounted solar plants and rooftop solar plants

- All activities related to the State Load Dispatch centre (SLDC)

- Preparing and carrying out schemes for Transmission networks and generally for promoting the use of electricity within the UT.

Electricity Department, Daman & Diu does not have its own power generation except for some solar generation and entirely relies on its allocation in the Central Sector Generation Stations (CSGS) in the Western and Eastern Region to meet its energy demand.