Transmission Infrastructure

Electricity Department, Daman & Diu mainly engages in Transmission and Load Despatch centre activities. Electricity Department Daman and Diu (EDDD) does not have its power generation except for some solar generation and entirely relies on its allocation in the Central Sector Generation Stations (CSGS) in the Western and Eastern Region to meet its energy demand. The actual power demand of Daman & Diu is nearly 350 MW.

The details of the Transmission network of the Electricity Department, Daman & Diu are as follows:

Sr.No. Details Daman (ckms) Diu (ckms) Total (ckms)
1 220 KV D/C Line 32.6 - 32.6
2 66 KV D/C Line 66.70 22 88.70
3 220/66 KV Substation (Nos.) 2 - 2
4 66/11 KV Substation (Nos.) 8 1 9