Diu : Geography

Diu is a tiny island, 38.8 sq. km, near the port of Veraval (90 km) in Junagadh district of Gujarat separated from the southern extremity of the Saurashtra peninsula by a narrow channel running through a swamp. It is situated between the parallels 20”44’34” and 20”42’00” of latitude north and between the meridians 71”00’24” and 70’52”26” of longitude east of Greenwich. Its length from the extreme north and south measures 4.6 km and width from east to west measures 13.8 km. The topography is generally plain, the hillocks attaining a maximum height of 30 m. there are no natural forests in Diu but after its liberation about 500 hectares of land has been developed into forest area.

The island is connected to the mainland by a narrow channel on the north, connected by a bridge near Ghoghla and other near Tad village. Chasi is the main river (13 km length) of the Diu district.