Official website of the Daman and Diu Electricity Department, U.T. Administration of Daman and Diu, Government of India

Grid Details

Power supply to the Daman District is received through two sources. First source is 220 KV (D/C) Ambethi-Magarwada line and second source is from 220 KV (D/C) Magarwada (PGCIL) Magarawada, and from Magarwada Sub-Station it is distributed to 66/11 kv Sub Station via 66 kv Transmission lines network .

There are 9 nos 66/11 kv , Sub station at Dabhel , Kachigam, Kachigam-II, Dalwada ,Bhimpore , Varkund , Ringanwada & Magarwada in Daman& Malala at Diu.

Consumers received power supply through Distribution network.

Power supply to Diu District is received through PGCIL/ Getco network through 220KV and  66 kv Transmission lines