Official website of the Daman and Diu Electricity Department, U.T. Administration of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu, Government of India

Grid Details

Power supply to the Daman District is received through two sources. First source is 220 KV (D/C) Ambethi-Magarwada line and second source is from 220 KV (D/C) Magarwada (PGCIL) Magarawada, and from Magarwada Sub-Station it is distributed to 66/11 kv Sub Station via 66 kv Transmission lines network .

There are 9 nos 66/11 kv , Sub station at Dabhel , Kachigam, Kachigam-II, Dalwada ,Bhimpore , Varkund , Ringanwada & Magarwada in Daman& Malala at Diu.

Consumers received power supply through Distribution network.

Power supply to Diu District is received through PGCIL/ Getco network through 220KV and  66 kv Transmission lines 

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