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Projects/ Schemes During F.Y. 2016-17

Sr. NoName of SchemeProject Cost (Rs. in lakhs)Remark / Benefit
01  Scheme for establishment of 1x100 MVA 220/66/11 KV S/S at Ringanwada associated with 220 KV D/C line.  5000.00  On implementation of this Scheme the UT will able to have second independent 220 KV S/S source for Nani Daman area and can be utilized to cater the loading of Nani Daman area without floating the Power Moti Daman and the UT will be able to get 02 Nos. 220 KV source and will be able to switch over to CTU. Scheme is got Techno-economic approval of CEA, MoP, and awaited clearance from MoP . 
02  Scheme of Strengthening of 66 KV Transmission line network in Daman UT.  363.00  The transmission system enhancement will ensure and further strengthen the existing capacity of the conductors and improve the voltage regulation for better reliability, stability and more load bearing capacity without facing any Right Of Way (ROW) problems and the system will cater enhanced the loading apart from earning additional revenue within the existing system itself. The work is already awarded and the same is under progress 40% line work completed.  
03  Scheme for establishment of 66/11 KV 2x15 MVA S/S along with associated line at Bhimpore, Daman.  800.00  On implementation of the Scheme the loads of Dalwada S/S and neighboring S/S’s areas will be shifted on this S/S and additional forth coming loads of the developing area will be met from this S/S and the regulation of lines will be further improved and the Department will earn additional revenue due to sale of Power. Project is completed with in time limit and commissioned on 18th Sept 2012 . 
04  Augmentation of 66/11 KV existing S/S at Daman / Diu.  371.56  The main objective of this scheme is to meet the increasing industrial as well as other categories of forth coming loads and by interlinking and strengthening the existing capacity, the optimum loading of the S/S’s can be utilized and more revenue can be earned within the existing system apart from ensuring more reliable Power supply. The Techno-economic approval of CEA for enhancement of capacity of 66/11 KV Varkund S/S by providing additional 1x20 MVA power transformer for an amount of Rs.371.56 is received. The work will be taken up for execution as per codal formalities. 
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