Official website of the Daman and Diu Electricity Department, U.T. Administration of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu, Government of India

Physical Achievement April 2013

01. Strengthening of 66 KV Transmission Line Net work in Daman UT 40 % work completed,rest under progress.

02. Normal Development works and Release of connections a. Connection released : 942 Nos. b. 11 KV line : 7 Kms. c. LT line : 3 Kms. d. Transformer Centers : 20 Nos.

03. Electrification of Tribal area and Providing street lighting and village Roads in Daman. 300 Nos. Street Light Fixtures procured.

04. Providing and strengthening of Power Supply Net work and communication, MRT facilities and special tools and Plants. 

a. 11 KV Overhead lines : 13 Kms.

b. LT overhead lines : 3.5 kms.

c. HT/LT Under Ground cable line 7 Kms.

d. Augmentation of Distribution Transformer : 08 Nos.

e. Street lights (Under ground) : 3 Kms.

f. VCB panel : 06 Nos.

05. Providing Under ground cable power Distribution system in Daman & Diu City / Rural areas and extension of the schemes To the Industrial Estate.

a. Conversion of 11 KV High Tension overhead line in to U/G system : 14 Kms.

b. conversion of Low Tension Overhead lines in to U/G system : 12.5 Kms.

c. 630 KVA Transformer Centers : 02 Nos.

06. Renovation of existing old power Distribution net work and providing improved Metering system and providing SCADA System to all Sub station in Daman & Diu.

a. EMS at 66 KV S/S : 05 Nos.

b. Replacement of Conductors : 2.5 Kms.

c. Replacement of Electro-mechanical relays by numerical relays. : 25 Nos.

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